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mandelic acid
AHA exfoliant
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Soft Touch AHA

exfoliating treatment

Get the skin-clearing power of AHAs without the irritation. 10% mandelic acid helps clear clogged pores while brightening and firming even the most stubborn or sensitive skin. It’s fortified with skin-soothers like chamomile, aloe, and allantoin to keep your skin calm and healthy.

Nut allergy caution: Please note that mandelic acid can be derived from bitter almonds. Check with your doctor before using.

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Making Soft Touch AHA

10% mandelic acid is balanced with chamomile, aloe, and panthenol in this gentle resurfacing treatment.
aha exfoliant


Clear, brighten and firm without the irritation

Mandelic acid gently sloughs off dead skin, stimulates collagen production & fades dark spots, with minimal irritation

Chamomile extract fights irritation, redness, and inflammation

Allantoin soothes, heals & moisturizes while stimulating cell regeneration

Fight blemishes and signs of aging while evening skin texture

moisturizer for dry skin

Skin Type

All skin types, especially sensitive skin.

how much moisturizer to use


One pump for full face application.

how often should you use moisturizer


3 times a week to start, then once daily.

moisturizer texture


A silky serum that absorbs quickly.

AHA exfoliant

Science & Key Ingredients.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are skincare powerhouses. They dissolve the intercellular “glue” between dead cells on the surface of your skin, revealing the smooth, bright skin underneath.

Many AHAs can cause significant irritation and redness, especially to those with sensitive skin. Mandelic acid is the exception: it is a much larger molecule than glycolic acid, so it doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply and causes less irritation.

Mandelic acid can increase cell turnover, fade hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and firm aging skin. Soft Touch AHA has 10% mandelic acid, along with skin-soothers like aloe, chamomile, and allantoin to give you bright, smooth skin with the least amount of irritation possible. Its light gel formula dries quickly and can be used under makeup and other skincare products.


Apply once daily to reveal fresh, healthy skin.

Soft Touch AHA is suitable for all skin types, and is formulated specifically for sensitive skin. To avoid over-exfoliating, it's best to use Soft Touch AHA once every 2-3 days until your skin adjusts, at which point it can be used daily. Like all AHAs, Soft Touch can be photosensitizing, so always use broad-spectrum sun protection when using this product. NUT ALLERGY CAUTION: Please note that mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds. Check with your doctor before using.

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The reviews are in!

AHA exfoliant review by Mateo
Mateo A.

"Thee smoothest skin!" After a few months of using soft touch, i have the smoothest skin! it's been a game changer in my routine!

Skin Type
Acne, Texture
aha skincare review by Christian
Christian E.

“Quickly brightened and smoothed the texture of my skin.” Absolute staples of my skincare routine. The retinol cream has made a world of a difference and is not irritating at all. The Soft Touch AHA serum is so gentle and has brightened and smoothed the texture of my skin after just several weeks of use! Both products are absolutely incredible and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Skin Type
Hyperpigmentation, Texture
chemical exfoliant for face review by Jacqueline
Jacqueline F.

“Made my skin so much smoother without irritation.” This product has made my skin so much smoother and I like that it doesn't irritate my skin as much as retinol! It has a distinct smell but it dissipates quickly and the product absorbs comfortably into my skin. It is also helping fade my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Skin Type
Acne, Texture, Hyperpigmentation.
chemical exfoliant review by Paige
Paige L.

"Done wonders for my acne." 2022 was my year to get serious about skin care, and I quickly discovered Stratia and fell in love with its story and values. I've been using Liquid Gold and Soft Touch AHA for almost 6 months now and have been thrilled. They're lightweight, sensitive for my skin, and have done wonders for my dryness and acne.

Skin Type
Dryness, Acne


Can I use Soft Touch AHA in the morning?

We suggest using Soft Touch in your evening routine to allow time for absorption, however you’re more than welcome to use it in your morning routine. Either way we highly suggest applying and reapplying sunscreen daily as mandelic acid can be photosensitizing.

Do I leave it on or wash off?

Mandelic acid encourages skin cells to naturally slough off over time as it loosens the bonds between dead skin cells. It isn't an instantaneous process and continues to work for many hours, so washing the product off would inhibit its effects.

Did the size change?

Soft Touch AHA is now 40ml instead of 50ml - customer feedback told us that it was difficult to use up the full 50ml before it expired

When we recently raised prices for the first time in 3 years, we didn’t raise the prices for Soft Touch AHA since we knew this size change was coming. The size change instead of a price raise ends up fitting with the small increase in cost across the board.

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