About us

We are an obsessively researched skincare brand that uses only the most effective and essential ingredients. We make skincare that works.

Driven by boundless scientific curiosity to figure out how skin works and what skincare products actually do, our founder Alli Reed obsessively read dermatology journals. Inspired by a particular study about ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, she decided to start formulating her own skincare and blogged about her findings.

Her initial idea was simple: to create a gentle and effective moisturizer based on this study that worked with the skin to replenish and reinforce it on a biological level. No fragrance, no fillers, just a formula that truly worked.

After a lot of trial and error, Alli perfected the formula for her moisturizer. She shared this initial formulation on her blog and even shipped leftovers from her personal batches to readers who wanted to try it. After some more research and development, this eventually came to be known as Stratia’s best seller, Liquid Gold.

Fast forward to today, Alli is still researching and testing out new product ideas and is committed to Stratia’s mission of creating simple and effective skincare products.

Want to know more about ingredients or formulation? Please reach out to info@stratiaskin.com.