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Stratia Rewards

We see skincare savings in your future. Join now for healthier, happier skin.

How It Works

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1. Join Our Program

2. Rack Up Points

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3. Redeem Rewards

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Ways to Earn Points

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Redeem for your Stratia Favorites

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Redeem for Discounts

Redeem points for cash savings.

$5 reward = 500 points
$10 reward = 1,000 points
$20 reward = 2,000 points

Get Started

Redeem Rewards for Products

Rack up rewards and use them to recieve a free product!

Get Started
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How do I earn points?
Earning points is simple, just make a purchase or complete an action on the rewards page above! Curious about our program? Here are some commonly asked questions: Earn 5 points per $1 for every purchase (excluding taxes & shipping). Birthday Reward: * Enter your birth date and receive 10 points each year on your birthday! If you enter the wrong date on accident, please reach out to us at  with your account email and correct birth date and we can fix it for you. Leave A Review: * Once you receive your order, Verified Buyers will receive an Automated Review Request via email or SMS. From here, you can leave a review and earn more points!  Refer a Friend: * Send a friend $10 off their first order of $35+ and receive $10 worth of points when they purchase.
Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?
All Stratia customers are automatically opted into our Loyalty program and are able to earn points and redeem rewards. This means that if you placed an order using the same email associated with your new account, you have already accrued points for all your purchases! Once you’ve signed up, you can view your total point breakdown on the Rewards History button on the Rewards page above.
When do points expire?
Points will expire after 1 year of inactivity. If you are interacting within The Stratia Lab, your points will not expire!
Can I use more than one Reward on a purchase?
Yes, you can get cash-off and redeem a free product using your points within the same order. However, only one discount code for cash-off can be applied at a time.
How can I check my points balance?
Once logged in, you can check your point balance at the very top of the Rewards page above.
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