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eye cream for dark circles
best eye cream for dark circles
eye cream for dark circles
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Lipid Gold Eye Cream

eye cream

All the power of Lipid Gold in a nourishing eye cream formula designed to combat dark undereye circles, enhance firmness, and fortify the delicate skin around eyes. We took the power of our beloved Lipid Gold formula and increased the ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids to help strengthen and protect the uniquely thin skin around the eyes. The formula also features some new additions like algae extract and chrysin to fight dark undereye circles, two new peptides to increase skin firmness, and occlusives to help lock in moisture.

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Making Lipid Gold Eye Cream

Two types of sea buckthorn oil give Lipid Gold Eye Cream its signature vibrant color. Carefully formulated in-house in our Los Angeles HQ & Lab.
eye cream

Meet Lipid Gold Eye Cream

Skin-identical lipids strengthen delicate skin around the eyes.

Mimics natural skin barrier with ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids

Fights dark circles by helping to clear out pigment pooled beneath the skin

Peptides to firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines

Occlusives to lock in moisture and prevent irritation

moisturizer for dry skin

Skin Type

All skin types, especially sensitive or oily skin.

how much moisturizer to use


1/2 pump, or about the size of a chocolate chip.

how often should you use moisturizer


Twice daily or as often as desired.

moisturizer texture


Rich gel-cream

eye cream for dark circles

Science & Key Ingredients.

Your skin’s moisture barrier (the stratum corneum, or outermost layer of the epidermis) has a bricks-and-mortar structure. The bricks are flat, dead skin cells called corneocytes, and the mortar is a fatty mixture made up of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. This mixture keeps your skin healthy, clear, and resilient.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body and needs extra support. Lipid Gold Eye Cream is formulated with even more ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids to mimic and strengthen your natural moisture barrier. The formula is richer than the original Lipid Gold formula to lock in more moisture in this sensitive area.

Lipid Gold Eye Cream is also formulated to help fight dark circles. One of the major causes of dark circles is pigment pooling beneath the skin. Your eye area is highly vascular, and the pigment that makes blood red can actually break down and accumulate there. Since the skin is so thin, that pigment shows up more clearly. Chrysin, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, and Fucus vesiculosus algae extract help flush out that accumulated pigment to brighten the undereye.

All Stratia products are free of common irritants like fragrance, alcohol, and essential oils.


Apply twice daily

Pump a small amount of Lipid Gold Eye Cream the size of a chocolate chip onto the pad of your ring finger. Next, spread between the two pads of your ring fingers.
Gently apply with your ring fingers to the areas directly below, to the outside, and above your eyes (spread, don't rub).
If you want, gently pat and press the skin to help it soak in and increase circulation.
Allow eye cream to soak in fully before applying makeup.

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How is it different from Lipid Gold? What makes it eye-specific?

The eye cream contains significantly more ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, so it amps up the barrier repair and strengthening properties. The formula is richer and contains occlusives to lock in moisture and protect the delicate skin around the eye. We’ve added several eye-specific ingredients. 3 new ingredients target dark circles, and two key peptides to help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Is there a specific order in which Lipid Gold Eye Cream should be applied?

Lipid Gold Eye Cream follows the thinnest -> thickest rule of skincare. We recommend using it before or after moisturizer, once or twice a day. It works great under makeup, just give it a few minutes to fully soak in and dry down.

Are the ingredients the same as Lipid Gold?

While Lipid Gold Eye Cream is built off of the original Lipid Gold formula, it contains several new ingredients, including peptides, dark circle fighting ingredients, and occlusives. We removed a couple of ingredients as well: the eye cream does not contain niacinamide, cranberry seed oil, or propylene glycol.

Is it only for PM use, or will it be more beneficial if I use both AM/PM?

You can use it as many times a day as you want! It depends on what works best for you and your routine. If you use it before makeup, just be sure to give it enough time to fully soak in and dry down.

How long should I expect to wait until I see results?

While it varies from person to person, with daily use, you should expect to see results within 1-2 months.

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Lipid Gold Eye Cream

eye cream

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