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The Power of Clarity: Eradicating Skincare Myths through Education

Article Summary

  • Stratia is not clean beauty
  • Breaking down the most pervasive beauty myths
  • Learn more about skincare science

Fighting Fear with Knowledge. Stratia is not clean beauty.

Let me clarify: if “clean” means not using ingredients harmful to your health, Stratia is absolutely clean. But that’s not what “clean” means: “clean beauty” means adhering to an arbitrary ingredient list, even though it’s not backed up by science.

Fear sells, and by making customers feel worried about their health and safety, clean brands have found an easy way to market their products. We’re here to say: you can breathe easy. Your skincare is safe. Let’s break down some of the most pervasive clean beauty myths.


Myth: Chemicals are Bad

Some brands and media have associated the word “chemicals” with “dangerous”, making us think of toxic sludge and hazmat suits. But here’s the thing: everything in the world is made of chemicals. Water is a chemical (dihydrogen monoxide); air is a mix of chemicals (O2, N2, Ar, CO2, and more); an organic, fresh-picked banana is chock-full of chemicals. Chemicals are simply the building blocks of matter. Some chemicals are bad for you, while others are vital to your health.


Myth: Your Body Absorbs 60% of Your Skincare

Your skin has one main job: to keep the outsides out and your insides in. It’s excellent at its job. Very little that you put on your skin has any chance of going any deeper; your epidermis doesn’t have any blood vessels at all, which is why you can skin your knee without bleeding. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to give a toddler cough medicine if you could just rub it on their arm? It’s just not possible; the few medicines that can penetrate the skin need to be carefully formulated to get past the skin’s nearly-impenetrable barrier.


Myth: Preservatives are Dangerous

Imagine making a smoothie, then storing it on your bathroom counter for a year. Would you want to take a big swig? Because we keep our skincare products at room temperature for long periods of time, they become the ideal environment for bacteria, mold, and yeast to thrive. Preservatives prevent those nasties from growing, keeping you and your skin safe. Skincare with a robust preservative system is always the safer choice.
If you want to learn more about skincare science, check out our Ingredient Glossary, where we’ve detailed the science and formulation behind each and every ingredient Stratia uses.



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